95ani released.
Yahoo.jp is pulling the plug on Geocities.jp, moving the site for the sake of keeping everything available online. Probably won't move everything, just the characters and the system files.
Murkeva updated
Silber and System Files Updated
Gai Tendo and Silber updated
Gai Tendo updated. System files updated.
Gai Tendo released, Silber updated, System Files updated. Character select page changed.
The second set of assets was uploaded earlier this week. I've updated sounds because I realized I OWNED the soundtrack and it has them on it, so these are a straight rip from that.
First set of The Rumble Fish assets released. Artmoney tables for the Arcade and PS2 versions uploaded as well. Check them out on the Non-MUGEN page.
System files uploaded, check them out on the characters page! Also, I've lost all of my site files! I have no clue what I'm gonna do if I have to make extra pages! Oh well.
Not dead! There are some final system updates so check out Silber!
The system has been updated! Check out Silber in the downloads to see what's new (not much).
Gensou Senki now rehosted. It was on my old site (which went down a year ago, after which my mediafire file for it also went down...), so no one had access to it! I'm pretty sure I host, and have hosted, the only mirrored download for the game since DoujinStyle stopped having files up for download. Enjoy!
Opening 2.11.13
"officially" opened the page. Character select page runs off multiple pages until I figure out what I want to do with jQuery. System page is incomplete, but I've translated documentation from the old Buriki One site if you want to read it.
TEST ??.??.??
This is a TEST
Original Karate Total Fighting Ninjitsu? Professional Wrestling Ancient Assassination Arts Judo Greco-Roman Wrestling Shadow Boxing
Street Fighting Total Grappling
System Files
Murkeva 95ani
Murkeva by Bannana and Harron
From the game Human Killing Machine + Edits.

Made for 1.0

95ani by Man, edited by Bannana
Nijikaku + SS64 system.

Made for 1.1

Questions, concerns, etc? Contact me: doubletrend.zeta@gmail.com